President's Message


Dear Zaman Family And Beloved Friends,

Being the first president of Zaman Alumni Association in the year of 2013-2014, it is a great pride that I am honored to serve my beloved alma mater. Zaman International School has been a major part of my life since I studied in high school. I am very grateful for the privilege of leading the ZAA. Since we have established this association, we were asked by a lot of people and students “Why you have involved in the Alumni Association? What is your benefit and what will you earn?” Our answer is very simple, we gain “Friendship”. In fact, we are trying our best to help and encourage all the alumni from all generations to have a great chance and opportunity to come and get involved with each other. In order to manage and help all of us to reconnect and re-engage with one another, our alumni association has many plenty number of events.

Zaman Alumni Association is known as an independent and non-profit organization whose aim to promote the welfare of school by cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship between Zaman and its growing worldwide community of alumni. The Alumni Association is not only provides and supports many distinguishes social activities programs and services, but it also seeks to strengthen alumni bonds of fellowship, professional association and school affiliation.
Zaman Alumni Association’s main purpose and objective are to promote members maintaining contact with one another, to assist in the holding of reunions of the members of Zaman International School, to stimulate and strengthen loyalty and a spirit of fellowship amongst its members worldwide, and to promote and encourage continued dialogue between the alumni and the school community.

Ultimately, on behalf of the alumni president I want to thanks to all fellows and I also would like to encourage you to explore all that we have to offer to keep in touch and make yourself and all Zaman alumni stronger. And if you should find yourself in our office’s area, please do not hesitate to come and visit us as well. All the staffs here will be more than glade to respond any questions you may have and let’s make our ZAA a second home for all of us. We are here for you and you are our family.


Zaman Alumni Association